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Local Travelers Can Soon Get COVID-19 Tests at SLO County Regional Airport

Local Travelers Can Soon Get COVID-19 Tests at SLO County Regional Airport

Local Travelers Can Soon Get COVID-19 Tests at SLO County Regional Airport

San Luis Obispo, CA — The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted this week to establish a COVID-19 testing facility at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP). Templeton-based Nova Labs, LLC, will operate the facility, which is scheduled to open May 2.

COVID-19 testing protects community members and their loved ones from unknowingly spreading the disease, but local health officials say it also has another benefit: The more people get tested, the faster the State will ease pandemic-related restrictions locally.

“Get tested even if you don’t have symptoms, especially if you think you may have been exposed because you do not want to accidentally spread COVID-19 to others,” said Dr. Borenstein, County Health Officer. “Testing helps protect the health of our community, and it also helps our local businesses, as testing volume plays a part in how quickly we can move through the State’s reopening plan.” 

Free COVID-19 tests are available without an appointment at several community testing sites throughout SLO County, including the San Luis Obispo Veterans Memorial Building, Paso Robles Event Center, Morro Bay Veterans Memorial Building, and Ramona Garden Park Center in Grover Beach. Testing at the airport will be available for a fee, of $100 per test, to inbound and outbound travelers, tenants, and personnel operating at SBP.

While more Americans are getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, many counties, states, and foreign countries still require proof of negative COVID-19 tests prior to arrival. The SBP airport will offer two types of testing: a Molecular RT-LAMP saliva test with results available in four hours and a Molecular PCR test, with results available within 48 hours. Travelers may choose their test based on requirements at their destination, their travel schedule, or their personal comfort level.

“The San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport is thrilled to provide this voluntary service to our passengers and personnel,” said Courtney Johnson, Director of Airports. “Rapid, reliable testing is one more way in which the airport can help make travel safer, healthier, and more responsible for our passengers. We hope having this additional measure available helps residents of San Luis Obispo County, and visitors, feel more comfortable on planes, in airports, and at their destinations.”

Passengers with an arriving or departing airline ticket may upload the required personal information, book a COVID-19 testing appointment, and then receive test results directly from Nova Labs. Testing will be available in the SBP airport terminal from Sunday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information about the airport testing process and to make an appointment, visit, and for general information on community testing, visit

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