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Update: Street Lane Permits & Closures

Update: Street Lane Permits & Closures

Update: Street Lane Permits & Closures

Temporary Street Lane Seating Permits Available

The City has now updated the temporary permitting policy to include street seating permits in an effort to help local businesses survive the recent State order to close indoor dining and tasting room services. Beginning on Friday, July 24 the City of Paso Robles will integrate on-street dining around the town square. You will first see the plan going in on 12th street between Park + Pine and then on Pine street between 11th + 12th. Monday, July 27 the City will prepare on-street dining on 11th Street between Pine and Park. Then the focus will move to Park and Pine streets between 12th + 13th street and continue throughout downtown. 

Want to apply for a Street Seating Permit? 
Follow the 3 Steps:
1.    Fill out permit application
2.    Provide a site plan
3.    Submit insurance information

Already filled out the Sidewalk Permit & want Street Seating as well? All you have to do is:
1.    Submit a new site plan
2.    Reconfirm your insurance

This quick-help guide for the new permit was prepared by the Chamber of Commerce marketing team - questions to be deferred to David Athey, City Engineer. Contact information is listed below. 
1. Fill Out Application
Click to Download:
Permit Application
2. Provide Site Plan
Please attach a photograph, drawing or depiction of proposed location and layout of outdoor dining area, including the number of tables, shade and/or barrier devices, any desired additional lighting fixtures and trash receptacles as applicable. 
3. Submit Insurance Information
The Applicant/Restaurant shall maintain in full force and effect, at its sole cost and expense, Commercial General Liability insurance coverage for claims of bodily injury and property damage liability not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence, and shall provide the City with an additional insured endorsement and primary and non-contributory endorsement naming the City of Paso Robles and its officers, agents and employees as additional insured with this application.  

Submit complete application, site plan and insurance information:
·       Via email to
·       Contact David Athey, City Engineer to arrange drop-off of an application, (805) 237-3860
Application processing time: Ideal processing time will be the next business day. Keep in mind that city staff will need time to check your insurance, go out to the sidewalk area and issue the permit. 
Q: Does this mean that I can serve alcohol outside?
·       Applicant/Restaurants serving alcohol in an expanded license area are responsible for obtaining approval of a COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization from the State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. 
Q: How much does this cost? When do I have to pay?
·       The permit payment of $393 is deferred until 30 days after the end of the State’s COVID-19 emergency declaration. 
Q: Can I put my speaker outside for additional ambiance?
·       No, "all forms of speaker amplification associated with the outdoor dining provided under this order shall be prohibited".

Contact David Athey, City Engineer, with any further questions regarding the temporary outdoor seating permit application by email ( or by phone (805-237-3860).

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