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Karpet Klean

Karpet Klean


Cleaning/Janitorial Service & Supplies

About Us

We have all imagined what it would be like to clean your floors or upholstery to the point that it looks new again, or perhaps had a very happy friend refer you the perfect cleaner offering these services. The only problem is the perfect cleaner does not exist, it may be the case that not all cleaners clean the same, and not all cleaners can handle each unique job. That is why some things can only be done by a professional steam cleaning company like Karpet Klean.

We are inspired to bring you the newest and up to date cleaning methods recommended by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration. We offer steam cleaning services for both commercial and residential scenarios. We plan to scale our steam cleaning services to an unmatched level of expertise for all our services we offer.

Our mission is to promote a clean and healthier lifestyle for your living & work areas. By doing so we will extend the life of your floors and upholstery saving you valuable time searching any further.

Our company is locally owned and operated. We strive to be a reliable company for all of your steam cleaning needs, offering quality, fairness, education, and excellence.

We want to do business with you!

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