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Medina Light Show Designs

Medina Light Show Designs


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About Us

Fantastic light displays and music can elevate your event to a whole new level. We can help to assure that your next event or party is a massive success! Let our expertise work for you! We love to create custom light displays for our clients to help them capture the mood that they are looking for. We can provide everything from romantic lighting for a reception dinner to strobe lights, disco balls and custom projections for a hip, club-like party or dance. We have an extensive music library, and love to both entertain with hits and introduce fantastic new music to our clients. We also offer mixing and custom emcee services. Family focused event? Don?t worry! We provide clean versions of popular songs so that you can boogie down with the whole family.
At Medina Light Show Designs we use only the best sound and lighting equipment available. Our professional grade equipment, such as cables, software and music sources, will guarantee that your sound and lighting displays will be top-notch. We are dedicated to staying abreast on new and developing technologies in the field of entertainment lighting and sound. When it comes to professionalism, our customers rave about the professional, kind and courteous personalized service that we provide. At Medina, we love what we do, and we know that you will too.
We cater to a large variety of events, and every event, no matter how big or small, is equally as important to us.


PA sound system + uplighting (gold in color) @PavilionOnTheLake
Blue and purple uplighting on huge oak tree trunks @FableistWineCo
Fairy light curtains with blue uplighting in the windows @PasoRoblesInn
More blue & purple tree trunk uplighting @FableistWineCo
String lighting in the courtyard @SanMiguelMission

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