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River Oaks Hot Springs Spa

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa


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About Us

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa has been a gathering place and a source of rejuvenation and relaxation for many years. Throughout our wide variety of services offered, guests can restore balance and bring peace to their mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s soaking in our artesian thermal mineral springs under the starlit sky, or relaxing in the shade of a private open-air spa, you will be reborn in the opulence of nature in a tasteful, uncluttered environment. The dramatic views of Paso Robles rolling hills and vineyards, the reflective lake, and of course, our magnificent artesian thermal mineral waters are the true luxuries of River Oaks Hot Springs Spa.

Our hot springs are being heated by the earth, not by technology, and the water contains minerals with natural restorative properties. The central ingredient is a bubbly hot spring. Mineral springs have naturally occurring sulfur compounds and trace minerals which can provide relief in a variety of ways. The exact makeup of the water varies from spring to spring. Mineral spring waters have been valued for thousands of years for their power to ease joint pain, arthritis, and other physical ailments. Our guests can lounge in private outdoor or indoor mineral spring spas, fully charged with the restorative properties of the mineral spring water.

Come relax at our secluded spa and enjoy a massage, a signature wrap, tailored face & skin therapy or rejuvenate in our artesian thermal waters. The benefits of mineral spring water have been experienced for centuries; however we cannot guarantee the benefits.


Welcome to River Oaks Hot Springs Spa! Relaxation awaits you just inside...
Relax in an outdoor tub and enjoy the views!
Our indoor tub rooms are open-air rooms with a locking door for privacy.

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