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Wine Boss

Wine Boss



About Us

Art deco themed and speakeasy inspired wine lounge in the heart of Downtown Paso Robles. Serving low production, high quality wines and craft beers both local and out of county. We also serve cider, sake, and non-alcohol beverages. Fondue is soon to be in the works as well! We pride ourselves on personality while serving the working public with a friendly atmosphere. We're one of the few joints in town open late and quite possibly, the rarest catalog of wines in town but we would rather back that up in person. Every wine company featured produces less than 1500 cases with the majority under 300! Garagiste libations at its finest. Our beers, made in the style of the illustrious Moltose Falcons, are from partner brewery Westlake Brewing Company. Our mission statement includes keeping the locals happy, helping out the small business guy or gal, and giving back to the community at any chance we get. Furthermore, by treating tourists like they were our own, Wine Boss hopes to drive the ever-growing commerce in the beautiful town of Paso Robles. Please come on by and kick back while we take the wheel to good times.


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