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Bello Catering Co.

Bello Catering Co.


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About Us

We are a Sicilian pizza catering company known as Bello! We strive to serve the most authentic neapolitan pizza. Our family originated in Palermo Sicily in southern Italy. We strive for excellence and all of our pizza is homemade, starting with our base ingredients such as our slowly risen dough to our marzano marinara sauce. We use high quality meat, flour, vegetables, and mozzarella cheese. We cater to all local, public, and corporate events. As we travel around the United States to an event near you, we hope that you join us and enjoy some of our family favorite neapolitan pizzas.


  • Pizza Store Front ( Iron Oaks Winery )
  • Pizza Catering Company
  • Sicilian Pizza Company
  • Neapolitan Pizzas
  • Family Owned & Operated

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