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About Us

We have been managing tours to Italy, utilizing the same Rome-based tour company for over 20 years.
One of the principals of this tour company was raised in the Vatican State. Consequently, their contacts throughout Italy are impeccable.

Pilgrimages are different than tour groups in a special way. Sure, we will see many of the same attractions, but we will visit them in the context of prayerful reflection as to what they mean to our faith. Each ''attraction'' then becomes an additional foundation stone in the structure of our personal faith.
The experience of offering up a prayer from within the Sistine Chapel is indescribable. Just as the Monks pray, ''Like incense, let my prayer rise to you, O Lord,'' imagine our prayers mingling among the countless prayers of those before us from that sacred space, and from many others.

Happy Pilgrims Travel was founded to maximize the number of such experiences, as God leads us. He led you to us and to this website. Pay attention to His wisdom and continue to pray for guidance. He will continue to put you exactly where He needs you.

We are committed to your returning home as not only a happy Pilgrim, but as a somewhat holier and perhaps slightly more humble Pilgrim. We pray that your experience will inspire you and others to join us on future Pilgrimages.

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