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Paso Robles Culinary Arts Academy

Paso Robles Culinary Arts Academy


School / K-12Bakery

About Us

The Culinary Arts Academy is a very unique and multi-productive facility. This building hosts both an academic and instructional kitchen with a fully functional dining area. Its design also facilitates a full production kitchen that produces and supplies sixteen other sites in the Paso Robles School District area.

What makes this learning and production kitchen so unique is what it offers the students. The students will have the opportunity to work in an actual production commissary kitchen as well as hands-on experience in a variety of food service operations; i.e. coffee shop, dinner house, fast food, and banquets.

The academy's high school four semester curriculum will instruct the students in sanitation, nutrition, basic and advanced cooking. The Paso Robles High School also offers classes in horticulture and agriculture which directly ties in with the whole spectrum of how livestock is raised, slaughtered, butchered and cured, and how foods are grown and prepared. This creates a unique and viable opportunity for every Paso Robles student to have access to such a broad spectrum of related education.

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