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Respite, Inc.


Child Care

About Us

Respite is a vendored service through state regional centers and overseen by the Department of Developmental Services, under CCR Title 17, Sections 56780 - 56802.
Service Definition -
In-home respite services means the intermittent or regularly scheduled temporary non-medical care and supervision provided in the client's own home, for a regional center client who resides with a family member. These services are designed to do all of the following:

Assist family members in maintaining the client at home.
Provide appropriate care and supervision to ensure the client's safety in the absence of family members.
Relieve family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of caring for the client.
Attend to the client's basic self-help needs and other activities of daily living including interaction, socialization, and continuation of usual daily routines which would ordinarily be performed by the family members.

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