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Brewery/Craft Beverage

About Us

Husband and wife team Chuck and MJ Silva have set off on a new adventure to the Central Coast of California for a fresh start, opening Silva Brewing. It seemed very natural to establish our brand with the Silva name since marrying in mid-2015. With Chuck’s contributions in the brewing industry for nearly 18 years, the Silva name has become popular for high quality, superior flavor, and innovation so we felt our brand would be very recognizable from the start. MJ’s support for this project has been pivotal in moving forward now rather than later.

Our ultimate dream is that we would have a small farm brewery located in wine country where we can grow ingredients to infuse into our farmhouse ales, grow fresh vegetables for the dinner table, and shorten our work commute down to a walk to the brewing barn. In performing our due diligence we discovered that the San Luis Obispo zoning ordinance doesn’t currently allow for breweries to be located and operate in the agricultural processing areas, this revelation meant that the farm brewery dream would become a longer term goal.

We will continue to interface with the SLO County Supervisors as this topic is addressed. Meanwhile another opportunity presented itself in downtown Paso Robles behind The Pour House. Business owner Shawn Copen invited us to look at the space directly behind his craft beer bar and landlord Russ White welcomed us with open arms. We signed a lease effective February 1st giving us a small space to start up Silva Brewing where we can launch our portfolio of delicious, small batch, craft brewe

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